Sand Springs is blessed to have a fantastic school district.
Sherry Durkee became Superintendent in 2016 after the
retirement of Lloyd Snow who served the district for 16 years.
The school system consists of the Early Childhood Education
Center, which serves kids in PreK at age four. There are ve (5)
elementary schools: Angus Valley Elementary, Gareld STEAM
Academy, Limestone Technology Academy, Northwoods Fine
Arts Academy and Pratt Elementary. All elementary school sites
serve grades K through 5. Clyde Boyd Middle school serves
grades 6 – 8, with the sixth grade students attending the Sixth
Grade Center, a separate building to help students enjoy a
positive transition to middle school. The Central Ninth Grade
Center uniquely has its own campus but shares some elective
coursework with Charles Page High School, named after our
founder Charles Page. The district also oers alternative
education options such as Page Academy and Sand Springs
Virtual Academy. The school system oers a multitude of clubs,
organizations and sports for all ages.
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