Idea Launch Program

If your business is at the seed stage and you need help to move forward, Indigo Technology’s “Idea Launch Program” connects you with the information, resources, and skills you need to succeed. All courses are held at The LINK in Downtown Sand Springs. Dane Hawkins, former KJRH anchor and founder of Impact Consulting, teaches the course on presentation skills and provides each participant with an additional 1 Hour of personal presentation coaching! The program cost is $2,500 which includes 1. 10-2 hour courses focused on tech startup topics, 2. A dedicated advocate providing tech resources, 3. Personalized presentation and pitch coach and 4. A launch plan that includes your pathway to funding.

Classes included:
– Building the Team 
– Startup Costs & Revenue Models 
– Prototype vs Minimally Viable Product 
– Presentation Skills & the Elevator Pitch 
– Funding Your Startup 
– Legal Structures – LLC vs C Corp 
– Defining a Target Market 
– What the Tech? The User Experience 
– The Pitch Deck 
– Creating a Launch Plan 

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