What is the Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce?

The Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) organization comprised of the Sand Springs community’s businesses and organizations.

The Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 19XX and has been a leader in business and quality of life developments in the community.

Who runs the Chamber?

The Board of Directors holds the governance and policy-making responsibilities of the Chamber. The Chamber employs a President who is responsible for general management of staff and coordination of all organizational activities.

What is the difference between the Chamber and the City?

Chambers of Commerce and City Government are two separate entities that work closely together for the benefit of the community, especially in terms of business, economic development issues and legislative affairs. The Chamber is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization, but not a charitable organization (such as American Cancer Society.) Chambers are prohibited from endorsing political candidates, although Chambers do take a stand on issues that affect businesses.

The City is a municipal government and responsible for planning the future needs of the community and providing a range of services, such as public safety, quality of life, administrating a court system, roads, parks and sports facilities, community centers, water and sewer services to name a few. City Councils make local laws but operate within a legal framework set up by State and Territory Governments.

Why should I join the Chamber?

The most popular reasons for Chamber membership include business exposure gained from involvement, branding and promotion opportunities, plus information and educational benefits. Chamber membership also provides businesses and employees with community involvement opportunities and the chance to support activities that encourage quality economic growth in Sand Springs.

Where is the Sand Springs Chamber located?

The Sand Springs Chamber is located at 109 N. Garfield Ave inside The Link.

What is the best way to get the most from my membership with the Chamber?

The most satisfied Chamber members are those business owners and employees who attend meetings and events, and who use the Chamber as a resource. The Chamber is the perfect place to network with potential customers, as well as receive free training and educational tools to help grow your business. Members are updated on Chamber programs and events through weekly email communications. The Chamber exists for busy business owners, those who are not able to monitor all the issues that affect your business daily. So whether you participate actively or not, your investment in the Chamber works for your business.

Do I have to be a member to be listed on sandspringschamber.com?

Yes. Since we are a membership-based organization, listing in the directory is a benefit available only to our members. However, you can join today to make sure thousands of people can find your business in our online directory.

What does the Chamber do (beyond helping business) to improve the quality of life in Sand Springs?

Chamber staff and volunteers are active in the development and promotion of projects to benefit our community. Most of our members, volunteers and staff belong to a local civic organization that raises funds for the betterment of our community.

My business isn’t located in the city limits of Sand Springs. Can I still join?

Of course! The Sand Springs Chamber serves the business community in the city limits of Sand Springs and the Sand Springs school district. There is no restriction on membership regarding the location of your business. If you do business in the Sand Springs community, we are here to serve you.

I’m not able to attend many events. Is membership into the Sand Springs Chamber still for me?

Yes. The Sand Springs Chamber provides a number of benefits outside of our events. Membership in the chamber provides a directory listing on our website, opportunities for advertising and promoting your business, access to chamber staff for business assistance and more.

The Sand Springs Chamber has many members who are unable to attend many events but maintain their membership because of the chamber’s other programs and our work in making the Sand Springs community better for business and in improving the overall quality of life.

The Sand Springs Chamber is always working for you, whether you attend events or not.

As a hub for the community, the Sand Springs Chamber receives numerous contacts from residents and visitors seeking help in finding a product or service. With these calls, we only refer our Chamber members!

How do I become involved on a Committee or the Chamber Board of Directors?

The Chamber has multiple working committees that are open for any member to join. Visit our Committees page to learn more about our different committees and find the best fit for you!

Each September, the Chamber accepts nominations for open Board positions. Any member can be nominated or nominate themselves for consideration. The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors will make recommendations to the Board who will then vote on any new Directors.

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